DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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Everyone loves a good birthday party and nothing gets party goers into the fun mood like a creatively decorated space, that will truly get the celebration going. In order to achieve that ultimate celebration, DIY birthday party decoration ideas are an excellent way to create a party atmosphere that will uniquely suit your tastes and save money at the same time. DIY party decorations allow you to be as creative as possible and think outside the box.

When It comes to DIY decorations, nothing is off limits. You can decorate everything from the party space to your plates and even your cocktail stirrers. The possibilities are endless. The advantage of doing-it-yourself is that you are in complete control of how you want your event will look like. You can go for specific themes and express these themes through your decorations.

First things to consider when making your personal decorations is whether you have a theme or not. Whether it is a simple as picking a color or having a more complicated theme such as princess or pirates, your decorations are what will bring your ideas to life. The next thing is your budget and how much you are willing to spend to create your decorations. Doing it yourself is definitely cheaper than buying decorations, but you will still need to pay a little to buy your own supplies.

Below are 4 Ideas that can transform any party at almost no cost.

Hanging Tissue Pompoms

hanging tissue pom pom flowers

This is a great way to infuse color to your occasions. You can use multiple color tissues to form pompoms that can then be hang around the room. To make this even more dramatic, You can hang the pompoms at different lengths to create depth in the room.

DIY Photo Booth

vintage do it yourself photobooth

Every great occasion should have lots of pictures. You can make this more fun by creating a DIY photo booth. All you need is a backdrop and some fun props such as huge hats, sunglasses, and masks.

Cocktail/lemonade stirrers

unique diy stirrers

For this you will need some skewers and miniture pompoms you can stick to the end of each skewer. This add color and fun to an otherwise boring drinking glass

Washi Tape Plates

washi tapes used on plates

Washi Tapes can almost use on everything. Most people forget that plates are not only useful for eating food but can also be part of the party decor. By taking common white plastic or paper party plates, you can use different designs of washi tape to create patterns and designs.

More Do-It-Yourself Birthday Decoration Ideas

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So the next time you are celebrating something, skip that run to your nearest party store. You can create your own totally customized decorations that will leave your guests impressed and memorable. Also you can check our 18th birthday debut ideas here.

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